A Picture of Terri Eichholz

About Terri Eichholz

Terri Eichholz teaches elementary gifted students in San Antonio, Texas. She always remembers having a passion for teaching, and graduated from Trinity University with a Masters in Teaching in1991. As an advocate for the needs of all children, she believes in student-centered classrooms that allow every child to reach his or her own potential.

2 Videos From Terri Eichholz

Teaching Empathy With Faberge Eggs

4 minutes 44 seconds

Terri Eicholz explains how she builds empathy in her students using the story of the Faberge Eggs.


Writing Parallel Poetry

4 minutes 30 seconds

Terri Eichholz explains how her students took prose, created found poetry, and then turned that into a parallel poem.