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My name is Emily Mitchell and I am a first grade teacher at The Nueva School in Hillsborough, California. Teaching has always been a passion of mine and it wasn’t until I spent time in the corporate world that the pull to education became even stronger. I have a Bachelor of Arts from Lafayette College and a Masters in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. I am constantly drawing on my education and experience to guide me as a classroom teacher. I love working in an inquiry-based school where I am modeling what it means to “learn by doing.” I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts and love spending summers back east near Cape Cod. I am the mother of two beautiful daughters, Madison (5) and Ashley (3). With my husband, Kent, we enjoy reading, hiking, baseball and rooting for Boston teams. I hope to continue to inspire children to take risks learning as the greatest discoveries come from making mistakes and enjoying the process.

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Exploring Homophones With First Graders

5 minutes 7 seconds

Learn how "eight" and "ate" inspired a year long inquiry into homophones in a first grade class.