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About Elvira Deyamport

Elvira G. Deyamport, Ed.S. is a Gifted Education teacher in grades 2-6. Elvira has a specialist degree in Reading Instruction, a master's in Gifted Education, and a dual bachelor's in Elementary Education and Spanish. Prior to gifted, she taught second grade and elementary Spanish. Her philosophy revolves around using technology to expose and connect her students to a variety of people, places, and authentic learning experiences.

2 Videos From Elvira Deyamport

Tweeting With Your Students

6 minutes 40 seconds

In this video, Elvira Deyamport explains how she set up Twitter in her classroom.


Career Interviews as Podcasts

5 minutes 49 seconds

Elvira Deyamport explains how her students research careers, interview each other, and then turn their interview into a podcast.